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Books on Museum Artifact Conservation:


Gaseous Pollutants in Museum Environments 

Monitoring for Gaseous Pollutants in Museum Environments by Cicily M. Grzywacz

Laquer: Technology and Conservation 

Lacquer: Technology and Conservation by Marianne Webb

Organic Chemistry of Museum Objects 

Organic Chemistry of Museum Objects, 2nd Edition, by John Mills & Raymond White

Care of Prints and Drawings 

The Care of Prints and Drawings by Margaret Holben Ellis

Science for Conservators: Materials 

Science for Conservators Volume 1: Materials by Museum Gallerie

Science for Conservators

Science for Conservators Volume 2: Cleaning by Museum Gallerie

Science for Conservators: Adhesives and Coatings 

Science for Conservators Volume 3: Adhesives and Coatings by Museum Gallerie

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