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Cultural Studies Program with a Museum Studies Concentration


Claremont Graduate University

Level: Master's, Ph D

Program Description:
The MA and Ph D in Cultural Studies with a Museum Studies concentration, will give you the opportunity to participate in multidisciplinary graduate work within the humanities and social sciences — approaching topics from a multitude of managerial, social, and philosophical perspectives. Students will analyze the ever-changing field of museums, exhibitions, and sites of public memory in relation to social and cultural contexts.

Department Description:
Students in the Cultural Studies Department at CGU study the nature, origins, production, distribution, and persistence of contemporary and past cultures. Students research and analyze cultural change and continuity, the operations of contemporary cultural forms, the construction of knowledge, the emergence and functioning of power relationships, the shaping of cultural identities and their interactions with other cultural phenomena.

Institution Description:
Located in southern California and a member of the Claremont Colleges Consortium, Claremont Graduate University prepares a diverse group of outstanding individuals to assume leadership roles in the worldwide community
through research, teaching, and practice in selected fields. By encouraging students to cross disciplines CGU graduates are equipped with the tools needed to be versatile and forward thinking especially valuable in the non-profit arts world.

Web Site:


Contact: G. Tempestoso-Bednar

Phone: 909-621-8612

Fax: 909-607-1221


Applied Humanities
Claremont Graduate University
121 E Tenth Street
Claremont , CA 91711

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