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International Coalition of Historic Site Museums of Conscience

The International Coalition of Historic Site Museums of Conscience is a network of historic sites dedicated to remembering past struggles for justice and addressing their contemporary legacies. The Coalition was founded in 1999 by Memoria Abierta in Argentina, the Gulag Museum in Russia, the Slave House in Senegal, and other historic sites that activate the past as a catalyst for citizen engagement in current issues. Working in both transitional societies and long-established democracies, Sites of Conscience use historic preservation, oral history, art installations, and exhibits as the basis for public dialogues, community organizing, and other processes critical for building lasting cultures of human rights. Since its founding, the Coalition has grown to 17 Sites of Conscience leading a network of over 1300 initiatives in 90 different countries. The Coalition provides direct funding for innovative programs at historic sites that foster dialogue on contemporary issues; organizes learning exchanges among member sites, from 1-1 collaborations to international conferences; and conducts strategic advocacy on behalf of member sites and the Sites of Conscience movement.


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International Coalition of Historic Site Museums of Conscience
91 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

Liz Sevcenko, Director

Information last updated 8/8/07

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