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American Association for Museum Volunteers

AAMV is America's only national association dedicated to paid and unpaid museum staff who work together.

AAMV . . .
* Promotes professional standards of volunteerism
* Provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information
* Offers opportunities for continuing education through panel discussions and workshops at local, regional, and national conferences
* Encourages volunteers and volunteer managers to become familiar with projects and programs both locally and nationally
* Informs and represents volunteers in advocacy for tax benefits and other legislation at local and national levels
* Accomplishes these goals in cooperation with museum directors, paid staff, and boards of trustees


Web Site:



PO Box 9494
Washington , DC 20016

Virginia (Gin) Wachter, President AAMV

Michael Kruelle, Treasurer

Lois Kuter, Vice President

Information last updated 7/28/07

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